The CYSC ALL STAR Fundraiser is offered to each student on an individual basis.


The purpose of the fundraiser is to give all students and parents the chance to earn back all or some of the expense of the program.  Either your uniform, pom-poms or even your class fees can be fundraised for 100%!

The fundraiser is available at your weekly class location only.

We currently have two to choose from:

CARL'S JR. COUPON BOOK:   Buy 1 book of coupons for $3 ($55 value) from your coach & sell for $6.  The $3 profit is to be used towards any cheer class fees or uniforms.

SCRATCHER CARD:   Buy 1 card of Scratchers for $10 ($250 value) from your coach.  Ask friends & family to "scratch" off stars to reveal their donation ($.75 - $3.00).  Donations to be used towards any cheer class fees or uniforms.


There is no limit to the amount of coupon books or scratch cards you can buy.

However, all money collected on the fundraiser must be used for CYSC ALL Stars expenses ONLY!